Thursday, April 22, 2010

It has been awahile...

More pics...

My Babies!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taylar & Swim Lessons

Tay did SOOOO good at Swim lessons. She learned so much. Sh ewas afraid to go off the diving board, so what does her awesome mom do....??? Yup, picked her up and THREW her in the deep end. i know, i know... i am the best mom on the Earth. Thank you! Thank you! i just don't want her to miss out on life's experiences by being scared. i want her to conquer anything and everything that life brings to her life. i want her to be strong and not scared. iknew she wanted to do it, just a little shy, and i DO NOT want a shy daughter!! So i will help wherever i am needed :). i love her SOOOOO much! You did AWESOME Tay!!! Kisses!!

Like Father...Like Son...

Cord has been bugging me to shave Landon's hair... after i grew it out :(. But i agree'd cause it is summer and hot. Well, we first "cut" his hair, but he moved and didn't fade on the sides right. So it looked retarded. SO then instead of shaving, we went a step further and bic'd it! ihave pics on my camera with him in the sink with shaving cream ALL on his head so we could bic it. i will have to get those and put them on here... its hilarious! But come fall....Landon will have hair again! Wherever we go, we hear "Oh My's a Minnie McCord" haha. Sure do wish i had a child that looked even remotely close to me!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video of Tay Riding her bike...

Taylar Rides her bike with NO Training Wheels!!

Ok, So i really think Tay is "gifted" in some weird way... Cord and i took her training wheels off, then i held the back of the bike one way up the street and one way back down our street and then said "ok time to come in and eat dinner. We will come back out tomrrow and try again and practice." As i walked inside tay said to me, "NO! i will ride my bike tonight!!!!" As i walked outside to say, "no! it's time to come in... she was already riding up and down the street all by herself!!!!" She is so smart and catches on to things SO fast! it seriously blows my mind! All in less than 5 minutes of taking off her trainng wheels, sh ewas off and riding.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taylar Dance Recital - Video

Taylar's Dance Recital!!!!

Ok, Ok ,Ok... HERE are the pictures/videos i have been promising a TON of you! Sorry Mom & Dad for being so behind on these. i know this was important for you guys to want to be able to be out here and see it in person, and so wish you could have been. But thank goodness for electronics! isn't she just sooooo adorable! And yes, she is CHOMPING her gum hahaha! These are the days that i have been waiting for... going to my own daughter's dance recitals! i just can't believe the time has come... and so fast.... These videos didn't even do it justice- it was SO much cuter in person!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Taylar Graduated Preschool Today!!

My little girl graduated preschool today! She is getting TOO big. Cord and i are so proud of her. Time goes by TOOOOOOO fast!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Anyone need a Maid?? She charges $10/hour

Cord and i are clean freaks (in a way) and here is Taylar "helping" cleaning. She just got out of the bath tub (from eating the chocolate from the chocolate covered strawberries - next post down explains more) and saw Cord and i cleaning the house and she loves to help out. if anyone is interested, she charges $10 an hour :). She needs to help start saving for her college fund.

Chocolate & Tay

i have been on a making chocolate covered strawberry kick these days. Every week, in fact. And i DON'T share!!! haha! i get 3 cartons of strawberries and 2 bags of chocolate chips and start melting away. See in my mind, i am eating healthy, cause they are strawberries. And the chocoalte doesn't count in my mind hahah! So when i am done dipping all the strawberries, Tay LOVES to finish off the bowl by licking every little streak of chocolate left. A girl after my own heart!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No more new born :( Now only a cool dude....

it has finally happened..... he is no longer my little new born!!!! Just my lil' cool dude now! isn't he just adorable? hahah! i am a very biased mother!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Back/Neck

So this is what my back looks like. I am getting injections of radio-frequency in my neck and back, which is like a nerve block. I have been in REALLY bad pain from my car accident 2 years ago with the Semi truck. So I have been finding ANY thing and ANYONE who will and can fix me. People just stare at me when I go to the gym (IF I go to the gym). This is a time that I REALLY wish I had my family around to help me out. :(. I cry some days cause of my pain and just wanting my family here to help me with my kids. This makes it SO hard for me to be a mom, and hauling my kids to the doctor appointments with me 3 times a week, every week. And I am not a person to ask for help, so that is why I SOOOOOO wish my family (Mom & Dad) lived here. There are days I just can't move, can't get out of bed or at the toilet throwing up from the pain- while Landon is crying for me to hold him and Taylar is whining cause she is hungry for a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich that I have to make for her and turn her shows on TV (TIVO) ans have to go up and down my stairs (that are literally straight up and down). People who have their family near by- DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!! Being a 28 year old, I still need my mom and dad!! This pain just sucks, and I just wish they could do something to "fix" me so I can be a Mom and Wife again!
i have to thank my mother in law for the times she has watched my kids while i went to get my numbing injections- that helped me out a TON for those doctor visits. So Thank you for your help, support and love during those trying times.
All i wish for is.... to be healthy and functional again! it is very stressful times in my life and my husband works all the way up in Morgan everyday, so i get no help with my hubby. Just need a vacation and it's VERY hard being a mom at this time in my life, with this pain and with no parents here that i can just go drop my kids off and go home for a little break or treatment (since it is so many days a week i have to go). Just having really bad days these days.... thanks for letting me vent!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Steph's NEW Addiction....

Yes... this is My grocery cart from Walmart. We have had no food in the house for a month or so. So this was the BIG shopping day of the month. My new addiction is PRICE MATCHING! This cart of food should have been over $380 easily. But... being the smart woman I am, hahahah, I walked out of there with this being $250! I LOVE price matching and coupons! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I will find any deal out there, there is possible. And if there isn't a deal on it, i will make one up to get that deal hahaha. Never hurts to ask, right? The worst that could happen is they tell you no! So why not? In this grocery basket is 7 12-pack of pop, 4 gallons of ice cream, 5 frozen pizzas, candy candy candy candy, fruit, baby food- I mean the lists goes on and on. Most of the stuff VERY expensive and adds up real fast! But $250 for all this, is a STEAL!!! I price match EVERYTHING!!! It takes about 3-4 hours to do, but worth every minute. I will post how I do this below- my shopping list in a spread sheet, YES, I said a SPREAD SHEET! If you know me, i have to have everything organized, this meaning, spread sheets for everything. I guess some would call it OCD??? I know this spread sheet won't make sense to a lot of you, but I color coordinate things (that's how I actually graduated college- color coordinating my lecture notes) but take a look...



PEPSI $2.25 (4/$9)

Tootsie - $1.33 ($1)


POST Shredded Wheat, Waffle Crisp, Honey Comb - $1.57

Dreyer’s Ice Cream – BUY 1 GET ONE FREE – ($2.50 Allen’s)

PEPSI - $2.97

Oscar Mayer lunchables – 10/$10 ($1 each)

Zone Protein bar – 10/$10 ($1 each)

Starbursts - $1.66


Strawberries - $1.49

Precious String Cheese - $4.99

EGGO’S - $1.66

Spray & Wash - $2

KELLOGG’S Special K Bars - $1.99

NutriGain Bars - $1.50

Ritz Crackers - $1.75

100 Calorie Packs - $1.75

EASY MAC BOX - $1.75

Oreo’s (Sugar free) - $1.75

Premium Soda Crackers - $1.75


Capri Suns - $1.10 ($1.40)

KEEBLER Gram Crackers - $1.50



Grapes - $.99

KRAFT Cheese - $1.49

QUAKER OH’S Cereal - $1.49

Egg’s - $1


Mission Tortillas - $2.49

Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough - $1


Oberto Beef Jerky - $4.99

Quaker Cakes - $.99/$.49

DOLE Salad - $1.29


Gushers/foot roll-ups - $1.49

Keebler Cookies - $1.49



Chocolate Milk - $2.50 / ($2.19)

Keebler Gram Crackers - $2.50 [cheaper at Albertson’s]

Theater Box Candy - $.89


Sunkist & A&W Rootbeer - $3

Sara Lee Bread - $2


KELLOGG’S CEREAL - $1.75 [cheaper at Albertson’s]


Juicy Juice - $2.50 AND coupon = $1.50

Keebler Gram Crackers - $3 – ALBERTSON’S $1.50

Freschetta Pizza - $2

Wonder bread - $1.50


Large Egg’s - $.99

Dorito’s - $2

Planter’s Cashews - $3.50

Wilson’s Frozen burrito’s - $2.50

Krusteaz PANCAKE - $1.66

Clinical Secret Deodorant - $6.49


STARBURSTS & SKITTLES - $.99 / ($1.50) ($1.99)

PEPSI - $3.66

Flintstone Gummies - $5.49

Jelly Belly’s - $2.99

Sweetish Fish - $1.99


V8 Splash - $2

Green Grapes - $.89

Sun Chips - $3

Stouffer’s Dinners - $9.99

Energizer Batteries - $3.99

Large Egg - $1


Fiber One Bars - $2



PEPSI - $3


Thomas or Oroweat ENGLISH MUFFINS - $2.99

GERBER Graduates (Landon’s snacks) - $1.66

Oroweat Bread - $3

Energizer 16 pack - $9

And this is how it is done in the Parry home.....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's it like to be in my mom's shoes...

Poor Buds, he is sooooo sick AGAIN!!!!!! I HATE these winter months!!! He has been sick the past 4 months off and on. You can just see how sick he is in his face :(

Monday, March 23, 2009


I am growing Tay's bangs out so it is at the stage of long and in her eyes....